Thursday, 20 August 2015

Harvest 2015, Peas

Harvested a grand total of 9 peas from 3 pea plants. Peas are green and wrinkled.

I grew a variety of old-fashioned peas called Nec Plus Ultra, in containers. They were supposed to be tall peas, up to 6 ft, and indeed, even in the relatively small containers they got to a good 4-5 ft. They had white flowers, but only set 1 or 2 pods per plant. So I had one plant with a single pod and 3 peas, one plant with 2 small pods each with 1 pea, and the third plant had 2 pods with 2 peas each.

I sowed another 3 plants a while after the first 3, and those did not fare very well. One got munched by something at a very early stage, the second one had the tip munched by something, but survived, only to die off after getting maybe 18 inches high, and the third one seems also about to die off.

Peas, beans and broad beans seem to have been attacked by all colours of aphids - black, green, yellow, this year, and have not done very well.

I grew some black beans, which did not grow more than maybe 4 inches tall,  got attacked by some very small insects at a very early stage, and gradually died off. I had given up on them, when one of the plants produced pale violet flowers, and set one small bean pod which, at a couple of inches long, is quite large compared to the size of the plant.

But our raspberry canes and morello cherry tree have had good crops, so it's not been all bad.

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