Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Five Favourite Ethnic Cookbooks

Since I'm not managing to post much, I thought I would try to kick-start something by posting lists. And to start things off, a list of favourite cookery books that I have cooked international dishes from.

1. Chinese
Lucille Liang - Chinese Regional Cooking

2. North African
Time-Life Foods of the World - A Quintet of Cuisines

3. Indian
Madhur Jaffrey - Flavours of India

4. Spanish
Jacki Passmore - The Complete Spanish Cookbook

5. Jewish
Claudia Roden -  The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey From Samarkand to New York

I think I'm going to extend the list though, as I soon realised that there were some favorites missing.

6. Sicilian
Mary Taylor Simeti - Sicilian Food

7. Mexican
Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz - The New Complete Book of Mexican Cooking

8. Middle Eastern
Arto der Haroutunian - Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East 

9. French
The Roux Brothers - French Country Cooking

10. Indonesian
Sri Owen - The Home Book of Indonesian Cooking

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