Sunday, 18 August 2013

August 2013


In the photo:
Greens that I have been growing, with seeds from Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library.
Left to right: top row - Asparagus lettuce (celtuce), lettuce var. Liller, lettuce var. Amish Deer Tongue,
lettuce var. Bath Cos,  bottom row - chrysanthemum greens, turnip var. Nabica (grown for the leaves),
callaloo (amaranth) var. Mrs. McGhie.

August 17th:
Bought some Iranian ice cream in a Turkish food shop. Ice cream is made by the Village Bakery in East Finchley. Decorated with pistachios and flavoured with rose water and salep,
tastes like Turkish delight, unusual and very, very nice.

Iranian ice cream

August 10th:
Bought some green olives to cure. Apparently they come from Cyprus. Surprised to see green olives in August, I thought they were supposed to arrive in October, and was surprised last year when I found some in  the shops in September. Attempting to cure them in 20% brine. Hopefully that will stop them growing moulds.

Green olives 2013

Went to see a play in St. Leonard's Church, Shoreditch. I  think this is the church in the Oranges and Lemons rhyme, as in "When I grow rich say the bells of Shoreditch.''

White currants

August 4th:
Tasted white currants possibly for the first time. Taste not as distinctive as that of blackcurrants or redcurrants.