Thursday, 17 June 2010

Chocolate (again) and Cookbooks

Discovered that there is a Paul A. Young Chocolates shop in the Royal Exchange building near Bank when I went past it on the bus this afternoon. I will be sure to check it out at the next available opportunity.

While I was browsing in a vintage bookshop I came across copies of two vegetarian cookbooks that I think were very popular in the 1980's before I left Canada - The Vegetarian Epicure Book Two by Anna Thomas, and the New Laurel's Kitchen by Laurel Robertson. I read on the back cover of another cookbook that I was browsing through, that the author had a collection of something like 750 cookbooks! Where did she keep them all.

I also got in some browsing of more current cookbooks in Waterstones, and I came across copies of Cook in Boots by Ravinder Bhogal, and Flavour by Vicky Bhogal. Both have some good dessert recipes, including chocolate truffles, white chocolate and blueberry crumble muffins, and rhubarb and rosewater fairy cakes. I guess in this particular section the books were arranged in alphabetical order according to the author's surname, and I don't really remember which recipes are from which book. I've had a quick look on the internet though, and found that Vicky Bhogal has a website with a download of a few recipes from Flavour, which includes the Rhubarb and Rosewater Fairycakes recipe.

The link is here.